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As the Professional Fire Fighters of Campbell Hall, we are dedicated to the continued excellence of life safety, fire suppression, education and community involvement. We affirm our loyalty to our members, our profession and to the citizens we serve. Campbell Hall Fire Department proudly protects approximately 5,500 people living in an area of 27 square miles.  The Department rests in the center of the town. The surrounding area is predominantly agricultural/rural/residential with some local businesses. Membership in the department is on a volunteer basis.  Of the membership, approximately 65 members are active.  Of these 65 members, some are trained EMT's (emergency medical technicians) and CFR's (certified first responders) while others are interior qualified structural firefighters and some are strictly exterior operations firefighters.The members respond to a variety of calls ranging from public service calls to structural fires.  The majority of calls responded to are medical or MVA (motor vehicle accident) in nature.

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Contact Information

Phone: 845-427-2888

Fax: 845-427-2851

13 Maybrook Road

Campbell Hall, NY 10916

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